Welcome to the 114th Crow’s Nest Show,

Since 1901, The Crow’s Nest A H and I Society has continued to evolve. I liken it to a big wheel with lots of cogs. I urge you to take part in whatever capacity by contributing just one cog, so together we will keep this wheel moving.

My five years steering this wheel will be ending in 2017. This is a chance for someone else to step up, enjoy and cherish what the role as President brings. I am truly grateful for the support that I have received as President. The support this organisation receives from the Community continues to amaze me. We do present the district’s biggest one day event, co-ordinate more classes and competitions than any other local event, maintain a truly community owned facility, give an opportunity for future success by ensuring an open and accountable organisation, willing to adapt to change, but appreciate and respect the past, and look and plan for the future. You will never satisfy all, but to give 100% is all anyone can expect.

Be proud of your Show, it’s Society, and Facilities. We continue to strive to meet the objectives of our Society. By being involved in this year’s show, you will be playing your part in ensuring the legacy continues.

Athol Gossow
Crows Nest A H and I Society